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“The most classic Korean Pre-wedding Studio”

ROISTUDIO has more than 15 years of experience in the field of pre-wedding photography at the center of Seoul, Gangnam area.
Since established, over 27,000 couples have visited us to record the happiest moment in their life, the moment of wedding.
Recently, we have opened a new studio in Jeju Island, the beautiful and peaceful island located in the southern part of Korea.
With the opening of Jeju branch, the increasing number of overseas customers visit our Seoul and Jeju studio to make a special memory.
We promise to our customers to do our best to help them make the great memory in Korea.

Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dresses

Make Up & Hair Styling

We provide different styles of make-up and hair styling for each bride before the photoshoot
with using selected cosmetic products among popular Korean and international brands.

Make Up & Hair Styling

Indoor + Outdoor Prewedding Photography by Roistudio Seoul (Hanam)

  1. 1. Customers can choose the gowns and tuxedos once they arrive at Roi studio.
  2. 2. Professional make-up and hair artists will do the make-up and hair, adjusting the color and style.
  3. 3. Bride and groom will proceed to photo shoot with white dress (as in 1st,2nd,3rd,4th pictures) and color dress for bride, and tuxedo for groom.
    (additional mini dress and Hanbok, korean traditional costumes are available)
  4. 4. After the photo shoot, customers will discuss the type of frame and number of pictures for the album. The retouching will be done according to the customers' request.
  5. 5. The album will be produced with high-quality material.
Package name Details
Indoor + Outdoor photoshoot
At Roistudio Hanam
Indoor photoshoot + Outdoor photoshoot at Roistudio (Hanam) – 4 hours
Soft copy of all original photos, including 30 retouched photos
30p photo album(12"X15") / One photo frame (20”X24”)
4 dresses (2 white gowns/ 1 color dress/ 1 mini or vintage style dress)
1 tuxedo with two jackets, ties, and vests
Bride and groom hair/makeup service
Bride Assistance service
Translation (English or Chinese)  / Pick up – Sending to Hotel (in Seoul area)
EMS international delivery service(after the edition)
Lunch on the Photoshoot day   
Shoes, Wig, heels, and other accessories and props available without any additional price

Pre-wedding photography by Roi Studio : Daegwallyeong package

  1. 1. Customers will do the hair and makeup at our studio in Seoul, and proceed to Daegwallyeong with photo team.(3 hours from Seoul)
Package name Details
Daegwallyeong +
Indoor at studio (optional)
30p photo album(12"X15") / one photo frame (20”X24”)
soft copies of original photos / 30 edited photos
3 dresses, 1 tuxedo / Bridal and groom hair, makeup, shoes
assistence(helper) service / translation
transportation(pick-up, sending)
EMS international delivery (photo album and frame)

Pre-wedding photography by Roi Studio : JEJU island package

  1. 1. Jeju island has a lot of peaceful and natural photo shooting places. Take the photos only for your couple
  2. 2. Professional photographers can take various styles of photography with you.
  3. 3. The day of photoshoot can be postponed if the weather condition is not suitable.
Package name Details
JEJU island package 30p photo album(12"X15") / one photo frame (20”X24”)
soft copies of original photos / 30 edited photos
3 dresses, 1 tuxedo / Bridal and groom hair, makeup, shoes
Assistance (helper) service / translation /lunch
transportation(pick-up/sending) (9 passenger van)
EMS international delivery (photo album and frame)

Friendship photography

Bride and bride's friends and family can take pictures together.
Package name Details
Bride and friends' photography
(3 persons)
Picture:5"×7" picture(5 pictures for each person)、
soft copies of original photos, edited photos
Clothing: Casual clothes should be prepared by customers
Cf. Translation service is offered

Reservation Process

After the package items are completely decided, customers can require reservation on a specific date.
We receive 20% of the total package amount for deposit. Once the deposit is successfully confirmed,
we will fix the customer’s schedule of photoshoot!

Reservation Process

Welcome to ROI Studio

Inquiry (Overseas)
We consider direct communication and discussion with customers are essential for
understanding the customers’ needs about the pre-wedding photography. So, please do not hesitate to inquire us!

Overseas Manager 1: +82 10 8986 4889 (Chinese/Cantonese/English)
Overseas Manager 2: +82 10 5377 1941 (Chinese/English/Korean)



Seoul Studio: Roi-studio
Seoul Studio Wechat

Jeju studio: roistudio
Jeju Studio Wechat

Seoul Studio: +82 10 8986 4889 (Chinese/Cantonese/English)
Jeju Studio: +82 10 5377 1941 (Chinese/English/Korean)


178-35, Misa-dong No.40, Hanam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea


64, Wondang-ro, Jeju-si, Jeju-do(1182, Samyang 1dong)

Roi studio visualizes the basic theme of wedding 『LOVE』,
We can best express the romantic and classic image of love.
Capture the unforgettable moment of your life with Roi studio.

For more inquiry, please email us : (English/中文)

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